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    Nutrition Corner

    food for health and wellness and longevity Find out what foods make you feel more romantic, younger, more energetic. Learn about foods that reverse the aging process. What foods actually make you hungrier? What foods speed up the metabolism?

    food for healing and natural cure Nutrition advice for living better, longer, healthier. Tips to help increase your quality of life. Read about foods that make wrinkles disappear. Find out how to feel better and enjoy life to its fullest.

    The nutritional fact of the week: A comprehensive study conducted by Cornell University showed that the protein in milk, yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products (casein) was found to have a direct correlation with tumor growth, suggesting that casein may be a "tumor promoter." This study can be reviewed at

    Other scientific studies of dairy protein have shown the same results. The China Study book containing facts about research of casein can be purchased from

    Find recipes for a plant-based diet by clicking the Find link above and search for vegan. Also find vegetarian (vegan) recipes at: Many more vegan recipes can found by going to and searching for vegan recipes.